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Bakers Willow Point Marina in Greenwood Lake, NY


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Winter Blues? Shake it off with Cod Fishing
Sun March 20, 2016, 10:24 am
by Karen Mount


According to Hugh Carberry, Principal Biologist /Artificial Reef Program Coordinator from the Department of Fish Game and Wildlife, cod fishing is an excellent way to shake those winter blues away.  Here is just a portion of what he has to say:  dated 2/17/2016


A Cure for Cabin Fever - Go Cod Fishing!



Do the winter doldrums have you down? Is your boat pulled for the season and your outboard motor winterized? For many anglers the winter means boat shows, fishing seminars, fishing flea markets, repairing tackle and getting ready for the spring. But why take a break from your passion? Some of the best fishing opportunities exist right now! Cod are being caught off New Jersey and party boats are your ticket to getting there.


Depending on the water temperature, cod are found off New Jersey until late March/early April. The size limit is 21 inches and there is no possession limit in state waters! Federal regulation have a 22 inch size limit and bag limit of 10 fish. Cod are solid muscle and a 25-pounder can bend your rod in half. Any rod and reel combo fitted with braided line for black sea bass and tautog is a good choice.


For the article, go to http://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/artcabinfever16.htm.



Join the group, join the fun, get three Marinas for the price of one!


Our goal is to provide our customers with the greatest boating experience! Bakers Marina Group offer our members the longest boating season, April 1st through December 1st. Choose one of our three locations and enjoy free weekend getaways at either of our other two.

The Bakers Marina Group consists of three marinas:

  • Marina on the Bay, Highlands, NJ sits across from Sandy Hook and has access to some of the best fishing in the Northeast. Enjoy adjacent restaurant and nearby shopping.
  • Baker's Basin Marina, Waretown, NJ sits in South Harbor Lagoon with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Willow Point Marina, Greenwood Lake, NY offers a full lake experience with breath taking mountain views.
For more information, visit our website at http://www.bakersmarinagroup.com or contact Karen  732-872-9300






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